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About Jane Tweedy Consulting Services

Jane Tweedy Consulting Services started in 2015, with a mission to help people succeed. Initially this was through helping people with a professional resume writing service (including cover letters and selection criteria), but with a sales overlay. This sales focus spread to include small business owners, and that led to the eventual split of the business into it’s core customer base – jobseekers and small business owners.

Our new business offerings

Jane Tweedy Consulting Services started with the intention to help individuals succeed, and initially this was via helping job seekers with their next job application via professional resume writing and accompanying services. Adding services to help small business owners followed, but this was quickly superceded as Jane was offered a role with the local Penrith Business Enterprise Centre (BEC) as a BEC Australia Approved Advisor with Western Sydney Business Centre.

Jane has since realised there is a lot more to be delivered and is turning both services for job seekers and for small business owners as one to many offers, so she can help many more people succeed. 

Personal mission: To help one million individuals succeed in the their business or career, without sacrificing other areas of their life.

 This has led to the split of the business into How to Job Search for jobseekers and FAQ Business Training for small business owners. Both businesses still help individuals to succeed. Recently an additional business has been started with launch in mid 2019 – Business Action Networking.


Our business family

How to Job Search

How to Job Search

For job seekers

A new way of helping job seekers – tips, resume templates adn courses tailored to specific scenarios – coming soon!

FAQ Business Training

FAQ Business Training

For small business owners

Stopping small business owners getting ripped off is our reason for being. Workshops in Western Sydney and online training.

FAQ Business Consulting

FAQ Business Consulting

For small business owners

Small business owners in NSW will be assisted under the Business Connect program. Outside of NSW FAQBC can help.

Business Action Networking

Business Action Networking

Launching mid 2019 intially in Penrith, Western Sydney and Sydney CBD with an improved way to network.

Our Values

We are a strong believer in the importance of values in how we operate all our businesses.

Client's interest

Our clients are the focus of our businesses. We always consider client needs when developing and continuously improving our services. 

Will this mean we please everyone all the time? No. We aim to please the 99%, and won’t sacrifice the 99% for the 1%.


Keep it real

We will always keep it real. By this we mean we’re not going to sugar coat something – we’ll tell it like it is. Jane is a kiwi (moved to Australia in 2008), and maintains the tradition of being upfront about issues, but does it with a good heart. Sometimes we need to be pushed to get the best from ourselves. 

We do the hard yards

The old saying, was the only things certain in life were death and taxes. Well we believe a third factor needs to be added – change. The world we live in is fast changing, and we need to keep up or risk becoming obsolete. Our businesses do the hard work to ensure our training and services are kept up to modern standards – through both education and live testing.

What We Do Best

Business Strategy

Writing for Success

Connecting People

Training Workshops


Helping People Remotely

Getting Results for Clients

Successful Selling

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Jane Tweedy Consulting Services and How to Job Search operate under ABN 50 489 384 101.

FAQ Business Training, FAQ Business Consulting and Business Action Networking are registered businesses under the entity FAQ Business Pty Ltd ABN 39 620 709 426.

PO Box 39, Penrith, NSW 2751, Australia